Beyond Fitness Tracking: NYU ITP Takes Wearable Tech to Fashion’s Future.

Fashion designers like Jingwen Zhu (NYU ITP ’16) want to create cutting edge, interactive apparel for the next generation of influencers. So it makes complete sense that self-described non-techies such as Jingwen turn to ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts to gain the skills they need to transform the traditional perception of “fashion,” with its hands-on crafting, into wearable interactivity that goes beyond tracking health and fitness. As a location, Brooklyn, with its capacity to provide rapid prototyping and garment manufacturing is the ideal location for designers to conjure up the future of fashion. Jingwen has taken the idea of wearable tech to the next level with clothes that, combined with AR, reveal the “digital aura,” of the wearer. “What we wear is who we are; it is what we want to express to other people,” says Jingwen. “It’s a medium to tell stories.”