Nov 18, 2016

Share Meals

A student “shares” her meal — on social media — by taking a photo.

When we announced meal plan changes and introduced nutritional support for students in our October 2016 Update, the Affordability Working Group was also proud to highlight Share Meals, a resource created by NYU graduate student Jon Chin. Originally a website but soon to be an enhanced mobile app, Share Meals helps NYU students share extra “swipes” in their meal plans with classmates looking for free meals on campus.

Over its first seven days in 2013, Share Meals helped 400 students find a meal. Today, Jon and his team are developing an even better tool — which you can learn more about from Jon himself in this great TEDx Talk:


I have always known that progress at NYU can be led by any one of us — students, faculty members, and administrators alike — and I know my colleagues in the Affordability Working Group feel similarly; that is why we started our work by asking the full NYU community to share their ideas.

Share Meals is a perfect example of students moving us forward: Alongside Jimmy Kim, Darien Cheng, Earl Co, and Vishnu Bachani, Jon also co-founded an All-University student club, called Share Meals at NYU, to encourage dialogue and influence policy. This great group of students — and many others, including leaders from Steinhardt’s Club E.A.T. and those who shared ideas on the Affordability at NYU platform — helped us draft the initiatives we announced in October.

I count this as further proof that solutions to various issues across campus live in all of us.

Marc Wais is an identical triplet, chocolate chip cookie lover, and Senior Vice President for Student Affairs at NYU.