181 Mercer Street Project

Located between Houston and Bleecker Streets on the southern edge of the Core Campus, 181 Mercer is a new gateway between the city and University and offers NYU a unique opportunity to advance academically, foster connections among the diverse users of the building, engage the internal and external communities, and be a showcase for sustainability and elegant, flexible design.

Basic Information


Building Uses


Building Design


Other Questions

Learning More


NYU’s Office of Community Engagement maintains a 181 Mercer Street construction webpage, which includes FAQs about mitigation, project background and timeline. Anyone can sign up to receive email updates on the site by visiting nyu.edu/construction.

Programming and Design

More information about the building can be found at nyu.edu/181mercer.

NYU’s Core Plan Commitments

Learn more about NYU’s Core Plan Commitments and FAQs.