The Architectural Team
Davis Brody Bond and KieranTimberlake

To design the John A. Paulson Center, NYU turned to a team of architects with a reputation for design excellence, experience in higher education, and a consultative approach to building design.

The task: to find a way to address NYU’s pressing space needs; to devise a facility that could creatively accommodate multiple uses; and to achieve these objectives through a building design of which NYU could be proud.

For a project with this kind of complexity, prominence, and impact, NYU carefully selected a partnership of two firms – Davis Brody Bond and KieranTimberlake – whose excellence has earned them an extraordinary roster of high profile commissions, including: the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the U.S. Embassy in London, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the 1983-2006 restoration and expansion of the New York Public Library.  Both firms had extensive experience working with institutions of higher learning, including projects at Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, the University of Chicago, Princeton, Cornell, UNC-Charlotte, UCLA, UC San Diego, among many others, as well as NYU.  


About Davis Brody Bond

Davis Brody Bond is among the nation’s leading design firms and is recognized for its major contributions to the urban fabric of New York City. Davis Brody Bond has competencies in architecture, urban design, master planning, historic preservation and interior design. The firm is the recipient of more than 200 awards for design excellence and has a unique style that responds to the physical, cultural, historical and economic contexts of each site and project.  

About KieranTimberlake

KieranTimberlake, founded in 1984, is an award-winning architecture firm recognized with hundreds of design citations for its environmental ethic, research expertise, and pioneering planning and design. The firm’s projects include the programming, planning, and design of new structures as well as the renovation and transformation of existing buildings, with special expertise in educational, governmental, cultural, civic, and residential projects.