The University renovates, leases, purchases or builds space to further its academic mission as a residential research university.

Some of the key projects being started, underway, or being completed – and how they relate to one another - include:

More Space for Neural Science and Psychology...

Meyer Hall

In order to address pressing space needs for the Center for Neural Science and the Department of Psychology – both in Meyer – we have begun a project to use the space occupied by the Physics Department to provide additional laboratory space for those two departments. Those renovations are planned for completion within the next two years.

…And a New, Larger Home for Physics

726 Broadway

Both to provide more space for Neural Science and Psychology and to provide upgraded, larger quarters for the Physics Department, Physics will move from Meyer to larger, newly renovated space on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of the University-owned building during this academic year.

Co-Locating Data Science and Part of Computer Science in a New Home...

60 Fifth Avenue, the former Forbes building

Data science is an emerging area of strength for the University. The Center for Data Science (CDS), which recently relocated from 726 Broadway, and the part of the Department of Computer Science currently in the Broadway Block are a natural fit for co-location. Computer Science will join CDS – as well as the Marron Institute and several provostial institutes – in 60 Fifth Ave. by January 2017…

…And Meeting Space Needs for Gallatin and for GPH

Broadway Block

…The space freed up in the Broadway Block by Computer Science’s move to 60 Fifth Ave. will provide new space for Gallatin as well as interim space for the School of Global Public Health (GPH). Data Science’s recent move to Forbes freed up space in 726 Broadway that will also be used as interim space for the GPH.

Making Improvements for Engineering Departments in Rogers Hall

Tandon School of Engineering

At Rogers Hall in Brooklyn at the Tandon School of Engineering, multi-year renovations have been underway to make much-needed infrastructure upgrades and increase the research capacity for various departments at Tandon.

Creating a Hub for Tech (including Informatics), Arts, and Media...

370 Jay Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn will be NYU’s major center for applied science, with a particular character: a union among technology, media, and the arts. The 370 Jay St. building in Brooklyn is set to begin opening in fall 2017. It will be home to a set of programs whose faculty – from Tandon, Tisch, Steinhardt, FAS, and Courant – believe that being located together will spur innovation and put NYU at the forefront New York’s tech boom.

...Addressing TSOA Space Needs...

The Broadway Block

…The relocation of ITP of 370 Jay St. in Brooklyn, along with the relocation of Computer Science to 60 Fifth Ave., will ultimately provide TSOA with opportunities on the Broadway Block to address a number of pending space challenges. 

… And Additional Classroom Space

2 MetroTech

The space previously occupied by MAGNET in 2 MetroTech will, after its move to 370 Jay St., provide new classroom space for Brooklyn-based programs and Tandon departments.

Meeting Multiple Space Needs:
Academic, Housing, and Co-Curricular

Demolition is complete at 181 Mercer St., and designs for the John A. Paulson Center have been announced. This facility will meet multiple pressing space needs we have as a residential, scholarly community, from educational – dozens of new general-purpose classrooms; music instruction rooms; music practice rooms; and a state-of-the-art theatre and studio spaces for drama students – to housing for students and for faculty. And it will include a modern, air-conditioned gym. Importantly, the classrooms at the Paulson Center will enable us to…

…And Advancing Science and Tech: Long Range Plans for the Silver Center

Silver Center

… convert current classrooms in Silver into laboratories over the long run, part of our emphasis on bolstering the sciences at NYU. Though these conversions will not take place until at least several years from now, it would not be achievable at all without the flexibility brought about by the additional, new classrooms 181 Mercer will provide.

A New Home for a New School:
The School of Global Public Health

404 Lafayette St

In addition to the well-received fitness facility opened on its lower floors last spring, 404 Lafayette St. will ultimately be home to NYU’s newest faculty on its upper floors: the School of Global Public Health. The opening of this section of the building for GPH will allow it to consolidate and to vacate interim spaces in 665, 715, and 726 Broadway. 

Further Expanding Our Research Capabilities

NYU Langone Medical Center

The new Science Building at the Medical Center, slated to open next year, will house 90 researchers; it is designed to integrate research facilities and services so that investigators, students, faculty, and clinicians can work together more collaboratively. And the Medical Center is also expanding its presence in the west tower of Alexandria Center for Life Science (to the south of the NYULMC campus), with an additional 440 researchers.

Making Life a Little Easier for Students with the StudentLink Center...

383 Lafayette

In an effort to make dealing with NYU easier for students, we are opening the StudentLink Center at 383 Lafayette this fall. By co-locating offices for financial aid, the registrar, housing, student dining, global programs, and student billing, we hope to reduce the feeling of “run-around” when students have to solve a problem that involves multiple university offices. In addition, Admissions, Global Programs, and Global Services have relocated to 383 Lafayette. In particular, the opening of the StudentLink Center frees up space on the ground floor of 25 West 4th St…

...And Creating an Admissions Center That Meets Our Needs

25 West 4th St

… NYU receives more applications for admission than any other private university. As that number has grown, the space set aside for info sessions and tours has not kept pace; NYU has had to turn people away from info sessions. So the ground floor of 25 West 4th will be renovated to create a new Admissions Visitor Center, allowing us to move that function from the Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center to a space that can accommodate more potential applicants and their families, and that can be used for other purposes during weekend and evening hours.