Banner highlighting the Climate and Sustainability Opinion Essay Competition

Climate and Sustainability Opinion Essay Competition

As part of 2040 Now, NYU’s Expository Writing Program hosted a writing competition in which undergraduate students of New York metro area colleges and universities shared their climate stories and advocated for the changes demanded by the climate crisis.

Competition Winners

  • First Place: Lily Guo
    • As Climate Ailments Worsen, We Need to Change Our Approach to Health
  • Second Place: Tommy Kashino
    • Train Derailment Underscores Preventative Urgency
  • Third Place: Maya Humston
    • Sustainability in Tech: The Missing Link

Honorable Mentions:

  • Elijah VanderMolen - COP 28’s Big Oil President – Not Dystopian, but a Monumental Opportunity
  • Tacia Mazimpaka - For Once, Do Right by the Motherland
  • Bincheng Mao - My U.N. experience unveiled an overlooked climate game-changer

The Competition

Write an opinion essay in which you make a short, persuasive, evidence-based argument related to the climate crisis and the challenges of sustainability. The essay should be timely and newsworthy. It should be clear to the reader, explicitly or implicitly, why you are the one person to make this argument given your story, your passion for what you’re researching or learning, or your plans for the future. Your opinion essay should bring a new idea and new voice to the conversation.

This prompt is intentionally open-ended, but you may choose a further focus within one of the following areas:

  • Climate justice and activism
  • Climate policy
  • Climate technology
  • A vision for New York City in 2040
  • My climate story