banner highlighting that the Re-Fashion Show will take place on Thursday, April 20 in Kimmel Center from 6pm-8pm

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last

As part of 2040 Now, NYU hosted a Re-Fashion Show to encourage designers to use creativity, expression, and fashion to inspire action against climate change. 

The Re-Fashion Show

The Re-Fashion Show showcased designs created by NYU students and was hosted by Plant Kween who described their journey in fashion and sustainability.  

Designs were inspired by the following themes:

  • Circular Fashion: Designs from recycled or upcycled fabrics
  • Less is More: Designs that focus on minimizing overconsumption
  • Sustainable Futurism: Designs using technology that mitigate climate change (e.g., wearable solar panels)
  • Climate Activism: Designs that incorporate relevant climate news
  • Biodiversity: Designs that celebrate nature