Dear NYU Community,

This spring, we will have an opportunity—to envision a sustainable future, and thereby manifest a more sustainable present. By living like it is 2040, the year of NYU’s carbon neutrality goal, we will teach, learn from, and motivate each other to boost our ongoing climate efforts.

When I first assumed the presidency of NYU in 2016, I outlined a set of major priorities that would guide my administration. One of them was sustainability, and my goal was for NYU to become one of the greenest college campuses in the United States.

Since then, we've made some definite progress.

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Former NYU President Andrew Hamilton

We’ve installed solar panels on the roof of Bobst, which generate 110 kilowatts of photovoltaic energy for the library. We’ve eliminated single use plastic water bottles, and reduced our carbon footprint 7% in our dining facilities. We’ve committed to LEED silver or higher certifications for all our new construction projects. And this summer, we will embark on a renovation project at Rubin Hall that will be the largest of its kind adhering to rigorous Passive House principles, which will serve as proof we can protect the integrity of historic structures and still drastically reduce the energy consumption in older buildings. These are just some of the reasons the Princeton Review ranked NYU as one of the top 30 Green Colleges in the United States.

But we must do so much more. Rising sea levels, climbing temperatures, wildfires, and hurricanes all serve as potent reminders of the critical importance of reducing carbon emissions. NYU has pledged to be carbon neutral by the year 2040. 2040 Now will galvanize us to make meaningful changes immediately - in the behaviors we adopt, the political action we take, the modes of transportation we employ, the classes we take and teach, and so many other areas.

Combating climate change is going to require cooperation on an unprecedented global scale. Let’s start right here at NYU. I heartily encourage you to contribute your minds and energy to this exciting endeavor in whatever manner you can. 

Please review these pages and see how you can join this initiative to help shape our sustainable future.  

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