2040 Now Artist-in-Residence Jess X. Snow led community members through the creation of a mural that will inspire current and future community members to witness all the leadership in the climate movement from Indigenous people and people of color and help us remember how we all have a role in joining the fight against climate change and protecting the Earth.

Headshot of Jess X. Snow

Jess X. Snow 

Artist in Residence 

Jess X. Snow has a decade of experience creating cultural work in support of immigrant, racial, gender, healing, and climate justice movements. Previously, they lead mural and writing workshops with formerly incarcerated women, Chinatown elders, and youth, as well as immigrant teens and university students. Their public art featuring Asian, Pacific, Black, and Indigenous elders and femmes has been seen in The NY Times Magazine, The LA Times, PBS, Hulu, the SF Chronicle, Hyperallergic, and on walls across the continent.