By the year 2040, NYU will be climate neutral.

That means we'll achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by drastically reducing our usage and offsetting the rest through climate action.

What will climate neutral life look like at NYU? From April 17-21, 2023, we'll be exploring exactly that question during 2040 Now—a University-wide initiative that will include community challenges, interactive exhibitions, panels, speakers, and more.

Coping with global climate change is going to require cooperation on an unprecedented scale. The same applies at NYU.  Join the 2040 Now initiative and find out how you can help us make our 2040 goal.  

2040 Now Themes

Sustainable Futurism

What will our sustainable future be like? What do we imagine people will be doing and learning? How will we eat and get around? How are our lives better?

Combating Climate Despair

Climate anxiety and despair is the sense that climate change is unstoppable and that action is too little, too late. This is simply not true and “climate doom” inhibits action, which we cannot afford in confronting the climate crisis.

Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Environmentalism

Environmental issues are inextricably linked to issues of race and justice. Any efforts to catalyze our sustainable future require that we consider health, inclusion, and climate justice.

Policy and Direct Action

Some sustainable actions will take time to implement due to societal and policy barriers. 2040 Now can be a “proof of concept” – we will try implementing certain actions and gauge how to scale up. How can 2040 Now serve as a test-bed for long-term policy and actions (institutional and individual?)