Statement of Policy

This Policy addresses time off for school- or daycare-related activities for eligible employees of NYU in California (“NYU-CA” or “the University”).

To Whom the Policy Applies

This Policy applies to all eligible employees of NYU-CA. Eligible employees include the parent, legal guardian, stepparent, foster parent, grandparent or any other person that stands in loco parentis to a child.

Policy and Procedures

Permissible Purposes. Employees may take time off for the following purposes:

  • To find, enroll or reenroll their child in a school or with a licensed childcare provider;
  • To attend activities at the school (kindergarten through 12th grade) or the licensed daycare facility attended by their child; or
  • To address an emergency at the child’s school or childcare provider.

Maximum Leave Allotment.
Except as otherwise provided below, time off under this Policy cannot exceed eight (8) hours in any calendar month, or a total of forty (40) hours each school year.

Use of Paid Time. Employees must use accrued vacation or personal days in order to be paid for the time off. Employees who do not have accrued vacation or personal days available will need to take the time off without pay; provided, however, that employees who are not eligible for vacation or personal days may use accrued sick leave. Exempt employees will not be docked a partial day’s salary for such absence.

Notice and Documentation. Employees planning to take time off must provide as much advance notice as possible to their supervisor. Employees may be required to provide their supervisor with documentation from the school or childcare provider verifying the activity.

Child’s Suspension. If the employee is called to appear at school due to a child’s suspension (or possible suspension) from school, employees will be permitted time off from work for such purposes, and such hours will not be counted toward the hours permitted for school activities. In accordance with California Labor Code Section 230.7, no discriminatory action will be taken against an employee who takes time off for this purpose.

Parents Both University Employees. If both parents are employed by the University, the first employee to request such leave will receive the time off. The other parent will receive the time off only if the leave is approved by his or her supervisor.


Emergency can refer to the following situations: (1) the school or childcare provider has requested that the child be picked up, or has an attendance policy (excluding planned holidays) that prohibits the child from attending school or requires the child to be picked up; (2) behavioral or discipline problems; (3) closure or unexpected unavailability of the school or childcare provider (excluding planned holidays); and (4) a natural disaster (e.g., fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).

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  2. History: Feb 13, 2019
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