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This standard applies to all students who are enrolled in a course of study at a New York University site other than their home campus/institution.

Students who enroll in a program at a NYU global location assume the duties of citizenry and undertake an obligation to respect the culture, customs and laws of the host nation. This Study Away Standard affirms the expectation that students will be good citizens of their host communities as well as their NYU communities when they study away from their home campuses. Accordingly, students who engage in any of the following behaviors will be considered in violation of this standard:

• Behavior that represents a serious affront to the culture, laws, or customs of the host community and/or compromises the University’s interest or relationship with the host community;

• Behavior involving the misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs in violation of University policy and/or local law;

• Behavior which is disruptive to the well-being of members of the University community, including, but not limited to, threatening or causing injury to the health or safety of one’s self or others.

Failure to adhere to this Standard, as well as violations of any other applicable University policies or guidelines regarding student conduct, will be sufficient cause for disciplinary action.

Violations of the Study Away Standard may lead to penalties ranging from formal warning and community service to dismissal from the site and the University. In each case the appropriate intervention will depend upon a number of factors, including the nature and seriousness of the offense in light of University policy as well as the laws and culture of the local community; the impact of the behavior upon the campus and local community; the motivation underlying the offense; the behavioral record of the student(s) involved; and other mitigating and/or aggravating factors.

Because the size of the site community and the availability of resources and staffing to address student conduct issues varies, the response to student misconduct occurring at a site necessarily will vary in order to effectively safeguard the interests of the site community. For this reason, students charged with misconduct at a site may be required to return to their home campuses for the resolution of student disciplinary proceedings.



  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments: Aug 9, 2016
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