Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order

The Trustees of New York University do hereby adopt the following rules for the maintenance of public order on campus and other University property used for educational purposes and a program for the enforcement of these rules, and do hereby authorize the President of the University to file a copy with the Regents and the Com-missioner of Education as provided in section 6450 of the New York Education Law.

I. Rules of Conduct

A. All members of the University community students, faculty members, and
members of the staff—shall comply with city, state, and federal laws and
ordinances affecting the maintenance of order on University premises.

1. Conduct that is violative of such laws and ordinances occurring on
University premises may be subject to both University discipline and
public sanctions as circumstances may warrant or dictate.

2. Conduct that is violative of such laws and ordinances occurring off
University premises will ordinarily not be subject to University discipline,
unless such conduct

a. seriously affects the interests of the University or the position of the member within the University community, or
b. occurs in close proximity to University premises and is connected to violative conduct on University premises.

B. All members of the University community are prohibited from engaging in
conduct leading to or resulting in any of the following:

1. Interference with or disruption of the regular operations and activities of the University.

2. Denial of, or unreasonable interference with, the rights of others—
including persons not members of the University community who are
present as invitees or licensees—on University premises. These rights
include the right of academic freedom as well as constitutionally protected rights.

3. Injury to University property, real or personal.

4. Unauthorized access to or occupation of nonpublic areas on University premises but not limited to classrooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, libraries, faculty and administrative offices, auditoriums, and recreational facilities.

5. Unauthorized access to or use of personal property, including files and records.

6. Recklessly or intentionally endangering mental or physical health or
forcing consumption of liquor or drugs for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with any organization.

C. Visitors, including invitees and licensees, shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the maintenance of order on University premises, and their privilege to remain on University property shall automatically terminate upon breach of this regulation. The University, in addition, reserves the right in its discretion to withdraw at any time the privilege of an invitee or licensee to be on University premises. A trespasser has no privilege of any kind to be on University property but is nevertheless subject to these regulations governing the maintenance of order.

D. Any authorized member of the University community, after properly identifying himself, may in the course of performing his duties, request identification from members of the University community. Refusal to identify oneself shall be considered prima facie evidence of non-University status. “Authorized” members of the University community shall include

1. Members of the University administration.

2. Faculty in the performance of teaching or supervisory duties.

3. Faculty or student marshals designated by the University Senate or the University administration.

4. University security officers.

E. Nothing contained in these rules is intended, nor shall it be construed, to limit or restrict the freedom of speech or peaceful assembly.

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