Student subscribers and faculty, administrator, and staff clients of New York University's telephone service are subject to the fraud, abuse, and harassment provisions of state and federal communications law, as well as to applicable University policy.

Purpose of this Policy

This policy clarifies the requirements for members of the University community who use NYU's telephone service. 

Scope of this Policy

This policy pertains both to students who subscribe to NYU's telephone service and to those individuals who undertake mission-related activities and who use NYU's telephone service. 

Policy Specifications


  1. Students residing in NYU Residence Halls can request access to NYU's telephone service. Students must provide their own telephone.
  2. For more information on NYU's telephone service, please visit www.nyu.edu/servicelink/041214313233571.
  3. If you receive harassing telephone calls, notify your RA, GA, or Resident Hall manager at once. Residents in Hayden Hall (240 Mercer Street) and D'Agostino Hall should notify the Law School Office of Residential Life (1-212-998-6510.) NYU Residential Life and Housing Services and NYU Campus Safety will be alerted. Campus Safety will investigate the complaint. NYU Residential Life and Housing Services, in cooperation with Campus Safety, will advise NYU IT Technology Operations Services to take appropriate action.

Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

  1. The NYU telephone system supports the business and academic calls of University faculty, administrators, and staff.
  2. NYU’s long distance and international calling services are strictly for University business activities. Any personal calls must be made on personal devices. Calls from NYU devices for non-business purposes are subject to investigation and reimbursement to the University for applicable expenses. If you have questions, please contact the NYU IT Service Desk. Note, telephone service in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai requires an authorization code when making international calls from your NYU desk phone, devices that use the softphone application, phones in conference rooms, or fax machines.
  3. The University does not permit calls to the 900 area code or to the 976 exchange.

  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments: May 2, 2011
  2. History: Last Review: July 16, 2021. Last Revision: July 16, 2021.
  3. Cross References: N/A