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This Policies and Procedures Manual has been prepared to provide information about the University’s purchasing requirements and Purchasing & Supply Services. Its various sections address the responsibilities of the Requisitioner, the Procurement Officer, and the Recipient of purchased products and services. The procedures also cover the use of i-Buy, Purchasing Card ($2500 limit) and Low Dollar Orders ($2500 limit), all decentralized systems for handling low-dollar purchases. i-Buy is an electronic marketplace that integrates with Purchasing & Supply Services’ e-Requisitioning System to provide an on-line shopping experience with selected NYU suppliers.

This Manual also provides information about the University’s and Purchasing & Supply Services’ Environmental Purchasing Policy and Environmental Philosophy and Practices. For more information about the University’s sustainability initiatives, visit

From time to time procedures will be added and/or deleted, and others updated. You should also refer to the University’s Business Expense Policy located on the Controller’s Division website at for details of NYU’s standard finance policies.

If you are connected to NYU-NET or NYU Home (Work Tab), you can connect to the Purchasing & Supply Services home page located at The Purchasing & Supply Services home page offers quick access to information including i-Buy, NYU Purchasing Policies and Procedures, Who’s Who, Key Programs, Key Suppliers, Frequently Asked Questions and much more.

Purchasing & Supply Services also publishes an electronic newsletter (Dollars & Sense) that focuses on announcing new agreements, new procedures, and other items of interest to the University Community.

If you would like to visit the Purchasing & Supply Services Office and/or need additional information on the policies and procedures described in this manual, please contact our office for an appointment.

                             Applies to All Departments

Procedure No. P100 Purchasing Policy – General
Procedure No. P105 Purchasing & Supply Services Files & Log
Procedure No. P110 Purchase Requisitions
Procedure No. P120 Request for Bid
Procedure No. P130 Purchase Orders
Procedure No. P140 Change Orders
Procedure No. P150 i-Buy Orders
Procedure No. P160 Low Dollar Order
Procedure No. P165 Environmental Philosophy and Practices
Procedure No. P166 Environmental Purchasing Policy
Procedure No. P170 Purchasing Card
Procedure No. P180 University Business Travel
Procedure No. P190 Scholar Travel Procedure
Procedure No. P200 Receiving Shipments
Procedure No. P210 Advertising Media Policy
Procedure No. P220 Printing
Procedure No. P230 Emergency Procurement
Procedure No. P240 Supplier Performance or Product Complaints
Procedure No. P250 Diversity Classifications


Dates of official enactment and amendments:
April 2015 Manual, 21st Edition, supersedes December 2014 version.

Changes to the 2015 Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual:

Page 11 Procedure Number 120: REQUEST FOR BID – GENERAL


2. Purchase Requisitions for expense for construction related expenditures that are not already covered by an NYU negotiated agreement that total less than $25,000 shall not require multiple price quotations.

4. Purchase Requisitions for capital improvement totaling $100,000 or less shall not require multiple price quotations.


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