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 In general, the University will assume liability for professional fees, dues, and subscription charges only in approved organizations that provide for institutional membership. A single institutional membership should suffice for all interested schools, divisions, and individuals.

Any individual membership is a personal responsibility, except when such membership has been approved by the Office of the Provost as essential to a University program. In instances of this nature, the University will normally assume liability for not more than one individual membership, and any printed matter or material issued to the member will be the property of the University.

The University will not pay the dues of individuals in social clubs under the same principle as that in the paragraph immediately above. However, if charges incurred at such clubs are directly attributable to University business, a claim for proportionate reimbursement may be made through the usual channels, if the necessary budgetary appropriation has been made for such expenditures.

All institutional memberships are processed through the central administration for registration and approval.

To establish consistent practices for professional memberships and subscriptions.

This policy applies to Faculty, administrators and staff at NYU.  

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