Enrollment verification is provided through the Office of Financial Aid for deferring loan repayment.  Students desiring a loan deferment should contact the Office of Financial Aid and submit a Loan Deferment Request Form.  Deferment requests are then forwarded to an industry sponsored consortium known as the National Student Clearinghouse.  The Clearinghouse provides NYU enrollment certification to the lender, guarantor, or loan servicers as requested by the student.  Any change in enrollment status is automatically updated via the Clearinghouse for each semester the student is in attendance, and throughout the semesters as enrollment changes.

Students should consult with their lender, guarantee agency, or servicer to determine if a Loan Deferment Request Form is required for each semester or if a single request form is sufficient for the duration of the student's in-school enrollment.

Students seeking to defer their loan payments for reasons other than in-school deferment (i.e. economic hardship) should contact their lender, guarantee agency, or servicer to learn about alternative options.

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