Periodically, University departments may require temporary staff to fill in for a regular employee or assist with a special project. The University offers three options: hiring temporary employees on the University's payroll (full time temporary employees and casual employees), student employees, or temporary help provided and employed by outside agencies.

Full Time Temporaries

Departments may hire Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882) temporary employees on the University's payroll for up to 3 months. These employees are usually hired at the minimum starting salary for the pay grade. No assignment may last longer than 3 months without prior written approval from the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development and Local 3882. To request an extension, please contact the Deputy Director of the Office of Talent, Learning, and Organizational Development at least one week before the 3 month period is up. Administrator temporary employees may be hired for up to 6 months. Salaries must be approved by the Office of Compensation.

Casual Employees

For intermittent assignments that average 14 hours per week or for assignments of up to 25 hours per week lasting up to 3 months, departments may need to hire a casual employee. In most cases, casual employees are hired and paid through one of the temporary staffing firms used by NYU.  In rare cases, a casual employee may be hired by NYU and paid as a casual employee.  Exceptions to hiring a casual employee through NYU's temporary staffing firms must be approved by Talent, Learning and Organizational Development.  Salaries must be approved by the Office of Compensation. In most cases these employees will be paid through payroll arrangements with a temporary agency. Contact the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development for more information on paying a casual employee through a temporary agency.

Student Employees  

The Student Employment and Internship Center and the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development assist NYU students in securing internships, part-time jobs on and off-campus, and summer full-time positions. Additional services provided to students include career counseling, seminars, career weeks and career fairs, as well as mentoring programs. Please contact Wasserman at 212-998-4730 for more information.

Agency Temporaries

There are instances when a department is unable to find a candidate on their own for their temporary needs. In these cases, New York University contracts with two outside agencies to provide temporary help. These contracted services provide several benefits, including discounted rates, service guarantees and insurance covering personal injury, damage to, and loss of University property. Departments requesting agency temporary help must place that order through one of the two authorized University vendors. Should the vendor not be able to fill your order, contact your Talent Management Specialist to make alternative arrangements. Orders for clerical agency temporary help may not exceed 3 months, and orders for professional/administrative temporaries may not exceed 6 months. Exceptions must be requested through Talent Management.

Authorized Vendors for Agency Temporaries

GLOBAL EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS (formerly Headway Corporate Staffing Services)

Global Employment Solutions 24-Hour Client Hotline: 212-672-6585

Placement Staff

NYU Account Manager

NYU Payroll Manager

Click here to utilize Headway/Global Employment Solutions' Easy Time automated timesheet system.


NYU Hotline: 202-223-4902

Placement Staff

Main Phone: 212-921-4900

Placing Orders

1. Call Headway or Leafstone Hotline

2. Have the following information available

  • Name of person placing the order
  • Assignment location and telephone number
  • Division/Department
  • Account Number (chartfields)
  • Temporary type and reason for need, along with brief description of assignment, including any specific software or other skill required, and any other pertinent information
  • Start date and approximate end date, person to whom the temporary will report

3. The agency will find a suitable match and call you with the name of the temporary. An arrival check will be performed on the day the temporary is scheduled to start.

4. At the end of each week, submit a copy of approved time sheets to the Accounts Payable Department.

Billing Rates for Agency Temporaries

Please note that rates may vary depending on the assignment. Please contact Talent Management for the updated billing rates for Leafstone and Headway agency temporaries.

To staff positions for which there are no billing rates established, or for help with resolving problems with agency temporary help, please call the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development.

Important Telephone Numbers

Human Resources

  • Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development 212-998-1250
  • Compensation Office 212-998-1260

Accounts Payable 212-998-2990

NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, Student Employment and Internship Center 212-998-4730

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