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Statement of Policy

The University recognizes that there may be health or safety emergencies related to the use of alcohol or other substances in which the potential for disciplinary action by the University may serve as a deterrent to students who want to seek assistance for themselves or others.  In all such matters, the health and safety of the student at risk will be the University’s top priority.

Accordingly, should a student themselves, or another individual on behalf of that student, voluntarily come forward seeking assistance in a situation involving the over-consumption or abuse of drugs or alcohol, the University’s student conduct response in regard to that overconsumption will be first and foremost focused on emergency medical considerations, acts of “Good Samaritans”, and appropriate counseling and/or educational interventions. However, the University reserves the right to address any associated acts that compromise the well-being of the community and its members such as harassment, violence, damage, harm to self/others, or distribution of illegal substances on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate/necessary.



  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments: Aug 9, 2016
  2. History: Revised June 26, 2019
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