Purpose of Policy
New York University is committed to maintaining the highest standard of fire and life safety at all NYU owned, leased and licensed properties in the United States and around the world. NYU's policies are intended to help prevent fire-related accidents and injuries, increase fire and life safety awareness, and fully comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. Faculty, staff, students, and all individuals working within the NYU community are required to perform all NYU operations in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as NYU Safety Procedures. All operations of properties at NYU’s global sites are required to fully comply with all relevant local laws and regulations applicable to each site and strive to adhere to the safest practices and procedures followed with respect of NYU’s operations within the United States. NYU is committed to continuously reducing incidences of accidents and injuries and improving our adherence to fire and life safety policies by adhering to the following objectives:

• Developing and improving programs and procedures to promote compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Ensuring that personnel are properly trained and provided with appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
• Taking appropriate and timely action to correct hazards or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment.
• Considering possible fire and life safety impacts when making operational decisions, including those concerning facilities management and construction projects.
• Encouraging personal accountability and emphasizing compliance with standards and conformance with NYU policies and best practices during employee training and in performance reviews.
• Monitoring NYU's progress through periodic evaluations of compliance and the effectiveness of NYU’s Safe Work Policies.

For NYU’s facilities located outside of the United States, NYU requires compliance with all of the applicable laws at each site’s location; however, in the case of an absence of laws or a conflict of laws between a site’s local laws and the laws of the United States, NYU makes its best effort to comply with compatible U.S. requirements that are comparable to those applicable to similar NYU properties located in the U.S.

Below are links to NYU’s specific Safe Work Procedures/Practices in specific categories of activity relevant to NYU’s operations. The provisions of the each category covered by Safe Work Procedures/Practices contain, to the extent they exist, a link to the laws and regulations applicable to such category of operations. In the event any NYU employee or member of the community has any questions regarding such policies, laws and regulations, they should contact the person in charge of such operations. In the event legal assistance is required in interpreting or complying with any legal requirements, the Office of General Counsel should be contacted to provide assistance.

Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Procedures
Fire Drill Procedures
Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance Procedure
Fire Incident Investigation Procedure
Fire Incident Procedures
Fire Prevention Procedures
Fire Safety Requirements for Interior Finish Materials Procedure
Fire Sprinkler/Standpipe System Impairment Procedure
Hot Work Permit for Welding, Flame Cutting and Soldering Procedure                                             Life Safety Requirements for Auditoriums, Screening Rooms and Theaters              




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