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Commitments of cost sharing of faculty effort on research grants are financially unfavorable to the University and are thus permitted ONLY under restricted conditions. Authorization for cost sharing commitments will be considered in the following circumstances:

  • A commitment of 1% time, which is the minimum effort required of the PI on federal grants, will be automatically authorized when no salary is charged to a grant.
  • When no summer salary may be requested (e.g. if the PI is already fully committed or the agency has prohibitions) or for 12-month appointments, up to 5% academic year salary may be committed as cost sharing, with the approval of the chair and the dean.
  • The cumulative maximum salary that may be committed as cost sharing for all grants is 10% per year.
  • Any voluntary cost sharing of PI effort above 5% on a single grant or 10% cumulatively requires in addition the written permission of the Vice Provost for Research. A positive response is most likely for projects which:
    • are multi-school or interdisciplinary;
    • respond to non-standard solicitations, i.e., are not traditional research projects;
    • have the strong support of the Dean(s) of the schools involved.
  • As an alternative to committed cost sharing faculty should employ one of the following options:
    • charging academic year salary to a grant (this is now permitted by the NSF provided it remains within the two-month yearly maximum);
    • so-called 'voluntary uncommitted cost sharing', which is NOT quantified or tracked by the accounting systems. It falls within the research effort paid for by the University during the academic year. It should be referred to in the proposal narrative (NOT the budget) with the following language:

NYU fully supports the salary of its faculty holding a nine-month appointment which they may use for research, instruction and administrative purposes. In accordance with these responsibilities, however, NYU makes no specific commitment of time or salary to this project. This voluntary effort is determined by the PI and is not monitored by the University.

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