Statement of Policy

This Policy establishes guidelines and procedures for children in the workplace at New York University in New York, Washington, D.C., and California (collectively, “NYU” or “the University”).

To Whom the Policy Applies

This Policy applies to employees who bring children under the age of eighteen (18) to the workplace, or who are visited by children under the age of eighteen (18) in the workplace.

*Please note that this Policy does not apply where a child is participating in an approved NYU Covered Program (e.g., Take Your Child to Work Day) or Non-NYU Covered Program, as those terms are defined under NYU's Protection of Minors Policy. For such programs, please refer to and follow the applicable procedures and requirements set forth in the Protection of Minors Policy.

*Please note that employee requests for leave or time off to bond with a newborn child, or care for a child, should be made under the appropriate leave/time off policy.

Policy and Procedures

Employees are permitted to bring children to the workplace, or be visited by children in the workplace, during work hours for a brief period of time as necessary and appropriate, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Visits should generally be no longer than two (2) hours and generally not on consecutive days.
  • Approval is at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor and may be required in advance of the visit. The supervisor may reserve the right to inform the employee that the child cannot be brought to or visit the workplace or that the visit must be terminated, in accordance with these guidelines.
  • The employee must supervise the child at all times.
  • The employee must ensure that the work of the University is not disrupted by the presence of the child.
  • Children shall not be permitted in any potentially hazardous area, i.e., in a lab, art, or shop facility, or any other setting where they may be exposed to hazardous materials, machinery, or health-related situations.
  • Children may not have access to any confidential information (e.g., student records, medical records).

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  2. History: Aug 13, 2019
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