Statement of Policy

This Policy addresses bone marrow leave for employees of NYU in New York (hereinafter, “NYU-NY” or “the University”).

To Whom the Policy Applies

This Policy applies to any employee of NYU-NY who works an average of twenty (20) or more hours per week (hereinafter, “covered employees”).

Policy and Procedures

Leave Entitlement

In accordance with New York Labor Law § 202-a, applicable guidelines, and the terms of this Policy, the University will provide unpaid leave to a covered employee who seeks to undergo a medical procedure to donate bone marrow.  A covered employee may take leave to make such a donation, to recuperate from the procedure, and to respond to any resulting complications (together, the “covered request”).

The length of the leave afforded under this Policy shall be determined by a physician, but may not exceed twenty-four (24) work hours for each covered request, unless otherwise approved by the University.  While a covered employee is entitled to leave each time he or she makes a covered request, the University is under no obligation to provide the employee with more than 24 work hours of leave in connection with each covered request.


Where a covered employee is making a scheduled bone marrow donation, he or she should notify his or her supervisor no less than 24 hours prior to the day of the donation.  When the donation is unscheduled, the covered employee should notify his or her supervisor as soon as possible after receipt of the request to donate.


The University may require verification by a physician that states the purpose and length of each requested leave.


The University shall not in any way retaliate against a covered employee for requesting or obtaining leave under this Policy.

Other University Policies

This Policy does not prevent the University from providing leave for bone marrow donations in addition to leave allowed under any other provision of law, nor does this Policy affect a covered employee's rights with respect to any other employee benefit provided by law.

A covered employee may elect to use any applicable paid leave for which he or she is eligible under University policy for the purpose of donating bone marrow, and such paid leave will run concurrently with the leave afforded under this Policy.

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