Statement of Policy

This Policy addresses bone marrow and organ donor leave for employees of NYU in California (hereinafter, “NYU-CA” or “the University”). 

To Whom the Policy Applies

This Policy applies to all employees of NYU-CA. 

Policy and Procedures

Leave Entitlement

In accordance with California law, covered employees may take up to thirty (30) days of paid leave within any one-year period for the purpose of donating his or her organ to another person.  In addition, employees may take up to five (5) days of paid leave within any one-year period for the purpose of donating his or her bone marrow to another person.


In order to receive a leave of absence under this policy, the employee must provide a written verification that they are an organ or bone marrow donor and that there is a medical necessity for the donation of the organ or bone marrow. 

Paid Leave and Maintenance of Benefits

Any leave granted under this policy shall be paid leave, and shall not be considered a break in continuous service for the purpose of salary adjustments, paid time off, annual leave, or seniority.  The University will maintain and pay for continued coverage under its group health plan for the full duration of the leave (provided that the employee is enrolled in such a plan) on the same basis as coverage would have been provided had the employee been working during that time.

Job Restoration

Upon expiration of leave, the employee shall be restored to his or her previous position, or an equivalent position, although the University reserves the right to decline to restore the employee to their previous position or an equivalent position because of conditions unrelated to the employee’s exercise of their leave rights under this policy.

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  2. History: Feb 13, 2019
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