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As a central repository for existing, new and revised policies and guidelines, the NYU Policy Database serves to standardize policy format, eliminate redundancies, improve organization, accessibility, search and navigation functions.

The policies are organized in categories as noted in the menus below. Some policies may be listed in multiple categories. University policies, procedures and guidelines are retained and maintained in this database to guide and inform the University community, including faculty, staff, administration and students.  

This database does not contain an exhaustive list of university policies. For additional information or assistance on how to locate policies, develop new policies, update existing policies, or any other policy related matter, please contact the Office of Compliance and Risk Management at or at 212-998-2265. 

New University Policies

Policy on Soliciting Gifts in Connection with Admissions - March 8, 2022

Policy on the Removal of Naming - March 2, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions: Policy on Soliciting Gifts in Connection with Admissions

Guidelines On Contributions To Cover University Expenses & Unreimbursed Expenses Of Volunteers


NYU Travel and Expense Policy -- March 23, 2022

NYU Global Payment Card Policy - September 1, 2021


Revised University Policies

University Student Conduct Policy - August 18, 2022

Statement of Policy on Intellectual Property - December 15, 2021

Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy - October 27, 2021

Recruiting and Hiring Policy and Procedure for Full-Time Faculty and for Professional Research Staff - New York, District of Columbia, and California- October 25, 2021

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures for Students - August 16, 2021


Important COVID-19 Policy Updates

Guidance for faculty and staff on matters including remote work and COVID-19-related leave and time off.  Please review the updated HR Policies.

Additionally, please review NYU's information hub for the latest and ongoing COVID-19-related guidance

IT Policies Updated July 2022

Our Call Monitoring policy has just been updated and re-posted, as always with OGC and NYU IT senior approvals. It is now titled Use of Call Recording and/or Call Monitoring for Customer Service Improvement. The update was necessary in order to present a new recording-monitoring feature and the new attendant requirements. The policy was considerably revised to include requirements for making the request to record and monitor, procedures for plan implementation, information regarding employees who handle calls subject to monitoring, a questionnaire to reference when considering recording or monitoring, a sign-off sheet for the requestor, and sample employee evaluation suggestions.

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