New York University is committed to maintaining an equitable learning environment and supporting the academic success of pregnant and parenting students.  The University prohibits discrimination based on parental status, pregnancy, false pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, fertility treatments, or recovery from related conditions in all of its educational programs and activities pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

If you are a pregnant or parenting student, you have the right to reasonable accommodations meant to ensure that NYU programs and classrooms remain accessible to you:

Requesting an Accommodation

Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity

If you are a student who would like to request accommodations, please fill out this Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form.  A member of the Title IX team will then schedule a meeting with you to discuss accommodations and how NYU can support you.  You can also reach NYU’s Title IX Coordinators at or 212-998-2352.

If you are a student at NYU’s School of Law, you can request accommodations by contacting the Office of Student Affairs ( or reaching out directly to Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion Savannah Lynn (  Additional information from the School of Law can be found on their Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Students webpage.

If you are an NYU employee, please see the Office of Equal Opportunity’s Accommodation of Employee’s (Pregnancy & Childbirth) webpage.

Contact the Moses Center

If you are a student seeking accommodations based on complications of pregnancy or other related conditions, you should make a request directly to The Moses Center.  Please note that you will need to provide medical documentation to support this request.

Contact Your School

Please contact your school administration directly if you are requesting a medical leave.  If you need assistance identifying the person at your School designated to handle this request, please email, and we can assist you in connecting with the appropriate administrator.

Types of Accommodations

NYU’s Title IX administrators work with students and their schools to identify reasonable accommodations appropriate to each person’s circumstances.  Accommodations may include (but are not limited to) exam/assignment modifications or deferments, assistance with course load and scheduling, classroom modifications, and/or taping classes for excused absences related to childbirth or pregnancy.

Lactation Policy for Students

NYU provides lactation rooms to students who wish to express breast milk on campus.  The University’s Work/Life Office maintains a list of available Lactation Rooms, and you may be required to sign up for a time to use a room.  NYU’s Lactation Policy for Students can be found here.

Additional Resources

NYU maintains the Students with Children webpage that contains many resources for pregnant and parenting students.

You can also visit the U.S. Department of Education’s Know Your Rights - Title IX guide to learn more about your rights as a pregnant or parenting student under Title IX.