The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) serves as New York University’s (NYU) coordinator for compliance with the provisions of the New York City Human Rights Law requiring employers to reasonably accommodate the needs of an employee for her pregnancy and childbirth,* unless doing so would cause undue hardship.

Types of Accommodation

Reasonable accommodations may include modifications or adjustments that allow the employee to perform the essential requisites of the job. Depending on the circumstances, such accommodations can range from changes in or to work schedules or assignments; to adjustments to uniform requirements or dress codes; additional water or snack breaks; allowing the employee to eat at her work station; extra bathroom breaks or additional breaks to rest; and physical modifications to a work station, including the addition of a fan or a seat.

Process and Procedure

Requests for accommodation can be made to OEO in person (at the address 665 Broadway, NY, NY 10003), by phone (at the number 212-998-2370, or by email (

Cooperative Dialogue.  Upon learning that an employee requires an accommodation due to pregnancy or childbirth, OEO shall engage in a cooperative dialogue with the employee. The purpose of the cooperative dialogue is to understand the needs of the employee and, based on the circumstances, to identify any reasonable accommodations.
Upon reaching a final determination at the conclusion of the interactive process and cooperative dialogue, the OEO will provide the requestor with a written final determination identifying any accommodation granted or denied. 

*For accommodation of medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth, please refer to Accommodation of Prospective and Current Employees (Disability).

Effective Date: October 2, 2018
Supersedes: May 9, 2017