by Erum Raza, Acting Global Chief Compliance Officer

Briefly, ethics is understanding the difference between what is the “bare minimum requirement” and what is “the right thing to do.” NYU is committed to operating ethically and lawfully and expects all University Community Members to conduct their activities in compliance with University policies and procedures and applicable law. The NYU Code of Ethical Conduct forms an integral part of this commitment. We are all bound by the ethical principles outlined in the Code of Ethical Conduct and the many University policies which stem from it. If you have not read it recently, read the Code of Ethical Conduct, understand it, and consult it for guidance when faced with challenging situations. When you are unsure or facing an ethical dilemma, reach out to your supervisor or the Office of Compliance and Risk Management, and ask for guidance. You may also report compliance and ethics questions and concerns directly or anonymously through the University’s Compliance and Risk Reporting Line, 24/7, from any global site.