The five alumni profiled in this issue work to fight inequities in fields spanning healthcare, criminal justice, culturally responsive education, and educational opportunities.

NOTE: We asked our profile subjects to have someone in their COVID pod take a photo of them with books that inspired their work. To read their praise for their chosen tomes, see Books That Inspire.

An Rx for Disparity in Medical Treatment

The inequity she saw in healthcare inspired Ashlee Wisdom (GPH ’18) to launch Health in Her HUE to help women of color trust medicine.

On the Front Lines for Black Lives

Celebrated for his work around the study of the Black Lives Matter movement, Frank Leon Roberts (GAL ’04, TSOA ’04, TSOA/GSAS ’20) is an assistant professor at The New School.


Advocating for Death Row’s Forsaken

The Innocence Project, cofounded by Peter Neufeld (LAW ’75), has helped exonerate hundreds of wrongly convicted prisoners.

A Reporter’s Determined Quest for Answers

Among those moved to action by In the Dark, American Public Media’s podcast hosted and cowritten by Madeleine Baran (GSAS ’04), are 60 Minutes and the United States Supreme Court.

Making Classical Music Inclusive

In 2010, Marcus Pyle (GSAS ’21), a Texas native and now a professor of humanities at Davidson College, founded the classical music institute ChamberWorks!