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The Fight for Social Justice

Social justice and the fight against racial inequality in all its forms has been prioritized as a university-wide focus

Feature Story

In the issue that follows, you will learn about an NYU endeavor that is both rooted in our history and urgently of the moment: reducing inequality and advancing social justice. One of the university’s founding ideals was to narrow the gap between those with privilege and those without. In the nearly two centuries since, we have not always lived up to that ideal institutionally, even as groups and programs within NYU have strived toward it individually. In recent years, however, advancing equity and social justice has become a major university priority.

Read more of President Andrew Hamilton’s and Provost Katherine Fleming’s introduction.

Take a closer look at the sculpture pictured on the print edition cover and meet the artist, Hank Willis Thomas (TSOA ’98), whose work is also featured in our cover story, “The Fight for Social Justice.”