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Protest pictures

Stonewall at 50: On June 28, 1969, a police raid on the popular gay bar The Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street led to days of riots and marked a turning point in what is now known as the LGBTQ+ movement. On July 27, when a large group rallied in the West Village, famed “Village Voice” photographer Fred W. McDarrah was on the scene; he went on to shoot future gatherings, including those in 1970 (bottom left) and 1975 (bottom right). NYU has been commemorating this milestone throughout the spring semester with events such as art exhibits, dance performances, panels—even operas. To view what’s been done and what’s still to come, check out nyu.edu/stonewall50.


Pegged to our story on NYU’s eco-friendly efforts, we asked six of this issue’s artists and writers to share their green actions.
Portraits by Lauren Mortimer

Abhimanyu Das (GSAS ’13)
Writer: Culture section
Credits: Sunday Guardian, TED.com

Coming from India, where tap water needs to be filtered before consumption, I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t bought any bottled water since I moved to the United States of Free Potable H2O in 2001.

Anthony Gerace
Illustrator: “Sex and Genius”
Credits: Atlantic, Wired

I have made the decision to become vegetarian this year as a way of curbing my carbon footprint. [Ed. Note: Gerace also created the composite featured on our front cover.]

Alison Gwinn
Writer: Alumni Profiles in Class Notes section
Credits: Entertainment Weekly, Parade

I have not needed to use a plastic grocery bag for at least five years (I keep a stash of reusable cotton bags in my car trunk for shopping trips).

Flo Ngala
Photographer: Nathaniel Mary Quinn
Credits: New York Times, Vogue.com

I don’t litter. I hate when people litter—it’s a pet peeve of mine and just unnecessary for the environment!

Kirsten Frances O’Regan (GSAS ’14)
Writer: Etc. section
Credits: Paris Review Daily, Vice News

I’m most proud of the compost that I have lovingly cultivated on my tiny balcony—I have just extracted my first batch of earthy, worm-riddled, mature compost that I now use on my plants.

Rollo Romig (GSAS ’08)
Writer: Research section
Credits: New York, New Yorker

I rarely succeed at giving up enjoyments and conveniences in order to do instead what I think is right. So I suppose I’m proud that last year I went vegetarian despite my continued appetite for meat.

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