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NYU Responds

An Extraordinary Issue for Extraordinary Times: How We Faced the Crisis


“This spring, as COVID-19 swept across the globe, NYU’s physical spaces—its classrooms and dining halls, stages and dorms—went quiet. In New York, the only sound that enlivened an eerily subdued Washington Square Park was the nightly 7 p.m. applause for the city’s healthcare workers. For a university normally buzzing with activity, the quiet, like so much else about the pandemic, was unprecedented.”

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Decoding and Defeating the Virus

Protecting the Vulnerable

Innovating Teaching and Learning

Providing PPE

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A NOTE TO OUR READERS: In the midst of the pandemic, healthcare workers gathered in Washington Square Park to protest police brutality against the nation’s Black citizenry. Despite being the busiest people on the planet, these medical personnel were acknowledging that racial equality is, in fact, a public health issue, and one that cannot be delayed due to a pandemic. Just as the current issue of this magazine focuses on a single topic—NYU’s response to COVID-19—our next will be devoted to the university’s work to forward the cause of social justice.

Masked healthcare workers in front of the Washington Square arch hold signs supporting social justice