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Alumni Magazine Issue 40's cover features a virtual marble Ionic column that is being snapped in half, with party favors bursting out of its middle

Issue #40 | Winter 2023
Graphic designer Pablo Delcan, with the help of his go-to CGI artist Justin Metz, created for us this virtual democracy-evoking marble Ionic column to illustrate that treating democracy as a party game (the goal of which is total destruction) results in a pillar unable to support anything—not to mention a mess.

Our feature, “Lessons In Democracy,” looks at many of the courses offered at NYU that focus on our democratic system of government—government by the will of its citizens. At what many consider a critical juncture for our country and the future of our democratic practices, we asked some of the professors who teach these courses to tell us what drew them to the subject and their ideas on how democracy can best be preserved.

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