The five alumni profiled in this issue work to enhance communities, through the arts, representation, affordable housing, and sustainable food.

Enriching Public Life with Art

Public Art Boss Sergio Pardo López (STEINHARDT ’17)

“Even when the artist has an idea for a piece, the community gives it new meaning by the way they engage and activate it.”

Building Homes and Futures

Real Estate Visionary Jerrod Delaine (SPS ’12)

“I want to be the visionary of how to improve communities...”


Representing Her Community

New York State Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (CAS ’07)

“I certainly ran against the machine before it was the cool thing to do.”

Showcasing Bold New Talent  

Theater Megaproducer Jenny Steingart (WSUC ’90)

“If I don’t feel passionate about [a project], or if it doesn’t feel aligned with what I want to put into the world at this moment, I don’t do it.”

Shrinking Farming’s Footprint

Urban Vertical Farmer Jonas Günther (TANDON ’18)

“We’re completely vertically integrated. We farm. We make our products. We ship our products.”