Alumni Weekend

Save the Date for Alumni and Parents Weekend
October 20–23, 2022

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NYUAA Award Honorees

The NYU Alumni Association is proud to recognize outstanding graduates for their exceptional personal and professional achievements. Meet the honorees who exemplify NYU's spirit through their contributions to their communities and around the world..

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Poster for the series "Bug Out"

The Single Greatest Insect Heist in History?

In August 2018, roughly 7,000 live rare bugs—worth an estimated $50,000—were taken from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion. Welcome to the underworld of exotic arthropod smugglers and the dedicated detectives hot on their tails. Director Ben Feldman (CAS ’06) goes creepy crawling in his four-part true crime docuseries Bug Out, now streaming on Amazon Freevee.

Learn what other alumni have been up to in Class Notes (Share Your News) on the NYU Alumni website. While you’re there, submit a class note and let us know what’s happening in your life and career. [Opens in a new tab]

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