Ministering to Heroes of All Faiths

NYPD’s Chief Chaplain Alvin Kass (’76)

“I don’t even remember playing cops and robbers as a kid. My career as a cop came as a surprise to me.”

— • —

Kass won the 2023 Eugene J. Keogh Award for Distinguished Public Service. Read about the other NYU Alumni Awards honorees in this issue.

Commemorating Labor’s Lost

Memorial Crusader Joel Sosinsky (’81)

“God bless ’em [NYU], they’ve given us permission to put up a memorial on the building, which was obviously not a simple thing.”


Exceptional on the Court and in the OR 

Renowned Surgeon Marsha Harris (’98, ’02)

“In the operating room, we are a team. And as captain, you have to make sure everyone on the team is fulfilling their job and you’re putting them in the best possible position to succeed.”

A Curator and Innovator 

Whitney Curator Kim Conaty (’16)

For the recent exhibition Edward Hopper’s New York, Conaty sought connection through the experience of Manhattan—“a sort of wonder that I have always felt in the city and continue to feel and that I think [Hopper] felt throughout his life.”

A Food Justice Visionary

Chef, Author, and Activist Bryant Terry (’01)

“It means a lot to uproot your front yard and put a garden there, to buy fresh ingredients and make meals at home. To have gatherings where you bring family and friends over to share and enjoy the bounty of the season.”