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The New York We've Known

Since 1831, NYU's history and that of our great city have been intertwined; in many ways, New York's fate is also our own. In this series, we revisit some often overlooked chapters in New York City's past—shining a light on moments of great progress, and on troubling times, too.

Latest Articles in The New York We've Known

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Decolonizing New York
On 9/11, Women Were Heroes Too
Brothels, Sweatshops, and the Apple Store: 400 Years On One NYC Block
NYU Press Reissues Cecil Dreeme, the Queerest American Novel of the 19th Century
'RENT' Turns 20
Denial, Anger, Bargaining: New York City in the Age of AIDS
Ota Benga, Captive: The Man the Bronx Zoo Kept in a Cage
Traces of an American Tragedy: Inside the Former Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
The Death of Print Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
How the Bronx Nurtured the Man Who Nurtures the City
When Long Island Was the Eugenics Capital of the World
Under the Traffic, Where Whitman Drank and Dreamed