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Joyce Mushaben, author of the recently released Becoming the World’s Most Powerful Woman: Angela Merkel and the Transformation of United Germany, will discuss the German chancellor’s life and impact on her country on Mon., Dec. 11.
NYU's Remarque Institute will host “More than a University is at Stake: The Battle to Keep CEU Alive in the Age of Political Populism,” on Thurs., Nov. 30.
NYU School of Law has announced a grant of $5 million from the Government of Japan for an endowment of the U.S.-Asia Law Institute (USALI) to ensure its long-term sustainability and to promote the use of international law to resolve conflicts and disputes in Asia.
The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law and the International Center on Transitional Justice will host “Reckoning with Racial Injustice in the United States,” the Ninth Annual Emilio Mignone Lecture on Transitional Justice, on Thursday, November 9, 2017.
He Yafei, former vice minister of foreign affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and Clark T. “Sandy” Randt, former U.S. ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, will discuss the U.S.-China relationship in the emerging global order on Mon., Nov. 13.
A report from the NYU GovLab shows how data from Facebook and other platforms could be used to improve healthcare, disaster response, urban planning, and more.
Jim Dwyer, Masha Gessen, and Siri Hustvedt will be among the speakers at “What’s Going On: Reflections on Truth, Politics, Democracy, and Language,” a two-day conference, Nov. 9-10.
The Taub Center for Israel Studies will host a day of panel discussions highlighting significant historical moments in Israeli history, “Balfour, Partition, and the Six-Day War," and a lecture by Tel Aviv University’s Itamar Radai, “Palestinians in Jerusalem and Jaffa, 1948” in November.
NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge will host “The Big Picture: What’s at Stake in Trump’s America,” a day-long symposium on the rise of Donald Trump as a candidate and decisions as president, on Tues., Nov. 7.
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