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Latest Stories in Education and Social Sciences

"Our findings suggest that an intervention that alters a child’s ability to delay, but fails to change more general cognitive and behavioral capacities, will probably have very small effects on later outcomes" - Dr.Watts
Myriam Sbeiti graduated at the top of her class from NYU Tandon (2018) with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.
Top findings from the past month.
A comprehensive Steinhardt course on school safety presents educators-in-training with case studies drawn from real schools.
The summit on June 1 will assemble leaders, scholars and policy makers from various sectors to discuss ways to improve the systems and opportunities that support vulnerable youth in New York City.
Themed around equity in education, the series will include workshops, conferences, performances and a gala.
Report by NYU Steinhardt's Research Alliance for New York City Schools evaluates the New York City Department of Education's Expanded Success Initiative and makes notable findings.
This underrepresentation has negative professional implications both for non-White scholars, in terms of contract renewals, tenure and promotion, and for the field in general.
Analysis of data from National Transgender Discrimination Survey.
Claude Desplan, a professor in NYU’s Department of Biology, and Paula England, a professor in NYU’s Department of Sociology, have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.