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The value of the products we encounter influences how much we’ll subsequently pay for other items, new neuroscience research has found.
Focusing on Infrastructure Investment and Real Estate in the 21st Century, the Conference Will Feature Industry Leaders Including Jeff T. Blau, MaryAnne Gilmartin, Scott Rechler, Stephen M. Ross, William C. Rudin, and Richard Florida, Among Others
As we become increasingly dependent on our devices, a new book by Stern professor Adam Alter examines the addictiveness of technology.
A team of chemists has uncovered new ways in which frozen water responds to changes in temperature to produce novel formations. Its findings have implications for climate research as well as other processes that involve ice formation—from food preservation to agriculture.
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences has launched a one-year Master of Science in Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (MS-CEI) degree program in collaboration with the Stern School of Business to foster the next-generation of technical innovators and entrepreneurs.
The Henry Hart Rice Urban Policy Forum @ NYU Wagner will feature a talk by NYU historian Kim Phillips-Fein, author of a new book examining the lasting impact of the roller-coaster 1975 fiscal crisis.
Sports Educator, Sports Analytics Expert, and Former PepsiCo Executive, Vince Gennaro, will lead the Tisch Institute in the enhancement and expansion of its offerings to develop and implement an overarching strategic plan.
Our taste in movies is notably idiosyncratic, and not linked to the demographic traits that studios target, finds new study on film preferences.
NYU historian Stephen Gross has been named a 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellow--he will explore the history of Germany’s transition toward renewable energies.
Support from Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund, and First Look Media will help bring Dutch startup De Correspondent’s membership model to the United States
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