Internationally renowned education program and new clinical suite will honor leader in aesthetic dentistry

From left to right: NYU Dentistry Executive Vice Dean Michael O'Connor, Dr. Michael Apa, NYU Dentistry Dean Charles Bertolami, and NYU Dentistry Assistant Dean Anabella Oquendo
From left to right: NYU Dentistry Executive Vice Dean Michael O'Connor, Dr. Michael Apa, NYU Dentistry Dean Charles Bertolami, and NYU Dentistry Assistant Dean Anabella Oquendo

"Make the most out of what you worked so hard to obtain.”

This inspirational advice in NYU College of Dentistry’s Class of 2003 yearbook came from Michael Apa, DDS, then a newly minted dentist with a passion for aesthetics. In the 20 years since his graduation from NYU, Dr. Apa has helped to transform the evolving field of aesthetic dentistry and distinguished himself as one of its leaders.

Now, Dr. Apa is “making the most” of his achievements by investing in the dentists of tomorrow and enhancing the College’s programs in aesthetic dentistry.

In recognition of Dr. Apa and his contributions to the field, NYU Dentistry will rename its education program in aesthetic dentistry the Apa Advanced Clinical Fellowship in Aesthetics. The College is also establishing the Apa Aesthetic Suite at the College, a state-of-the-art clinical space and the first permanent home for aesthetic dentistry education at NYU. These advances are made possible by a transformational gift from Dr. Apa.

“We are so grateful that Dr. Apa has chosen to support NYU College of Dentistry, the institution that shaped him as a dentist and set him on his path to success,” said Charles N. Bertolami, DDS, DMedSc, the Herman Robert Fox Dean of NYU Dentistry. “Dr. Apa is recognized internationally as a leader and innovator in aesthetic dentistry, and we are eager to incorporate his experience and vision to further strengthen our programs.”

“Having found a home at NYU during my time as a student, it is my hope that the next generation of dentists will share that experience, and they too will set out to have an impact on our profession and the world around them,” said Dr. Apa.

Dr. Apa will collaborate with Anabella Oquendo, DDS, director of the renamed Apa Advanced Clinical Fellowship in Aesthetics, to provide input on bringing international and U.S. dentists state-of-the-art training that restores and enhances natural smiles. The renowned, one-year program has attracted practicing dentists from 47 countries to study the latest techniques in aesthetic dentistry.

“Channeling Dr. Apa’s expertise and enthusiasm into our clinical fellowship program will bring new vitality to our training in aesthetic dentistry, a field that goes beyond appearances, intertwining beauty, health, and function. As we enhance smiles, we elevate confidence and promote overall oral health, which contribute to improved well-being,” said Dr. Oquendo, the assistant dean for international programs at NYU Dentistry.

The new Apa Aesthetic Suite, designed in collaboration with Dr. Apa, will be located on the first floor of NYU Dentistry. Planning for renovations to the existing clinical space will begin this fall, and the suite will open in fall 2024.

“As dentists, we work at the intersection of health and art. I look forward to helping to transform this space into a suite that reflects the design and energy of our craft and inspires both patients and clinicians,” added Dr. Apa.

As one of the world’s most sought-after aesthetic dentists, with practices in New York, Los Angeles, and Dubai, Dr. Apa has maintained his connection to NYU Dentistry as a lecturer and mentor to dental students. His passion for aesthetic dentistry blossomed while at NYU, where he founded NYU Dentistry’s Aesthetics Society and was part of the College’s Aesthetics Honors Program.

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