The Brainiacs series offers a monthly snapshot of the range of research underway at NYU, exploring its impact on health, society, and our understanding of the world around us. 

In This Episode

“We found that sipping through a straw defies all the previously known laws for the resistance or friction of flow through a pipe or tube,” explains Leif Ristroph, an associate professor at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and an author of a new study in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics

In a head-to-head between virtual reality boxing and a YouTube-guided boxing exercise, VR boxing takes the win in reducing stress and improving cognitive function among adolescents, shows a new study of high school students. The results were published in Games for Health Journal.

Researchers developed a machine learning model that draws on keywords from the contents of news articles to effectively predict locations that face risks of food insecurity. “Our approach could drastically improve the prediction of food crisis outbreaks up to 12 months ahead of time using both real-time news streams and a predictive model that is simple to interpret,” says Sam Fraiberger, a visiting researcher at the Courant Institute. The study appears in the journal Science Advances