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"Today, the Supreme Court of the United States hears arguments about affirmative action and the admissions practices of Harvard and the University of North Carolina. It will be the most consequential case for higher education in nearly 20 years.

“At NYU, we hold diversity to be a core value. It makes our University stronger, our campus more vibrant, our teaching-and-learning more powerful, our scholarship sharper and more nuanced, and our mission as an engine of social mobility more successful. In short, it makes us better.

“Overturning the long-standing precedents that have governed these issues would be a major step backwards for this nation’s higher education system and its role as an engine of opportunity, as well as a troubling and unwarranted intervention in universities’ ability to make considered, educational judgments about admissions.

“At the end of a thorough trial, the district court upheld Harvard’s admissions practices as constitutional, a finding that was reaffirmed by an appellate court. As the American Council on Education and the Association of American Universities did in an amicus brief representing many universities—our university included—NYU strongly urges the court to reaffirm the lower courts’ decisions.”

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