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"On behalf of the NYU community, I want to express our collective heartbreak at the horrific slaughter at Club Q.  Fueled by a lethal mix of gun violence and hatred, the gunman murdered five and wounded nearly a score of others.  Who knows how much further the slaughter would have gone if not for the courage of patrons who overwhelmed the gunman.

"And so, at a time when we are normally called upon to give thanks for the people we love and the good fortune in our lives, we instead offer our deepest sympathies to those families whose Thanksgiving tables will have empty seats this year because of this terrible crime, and our compassion and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community, who have been made to suffer so much from bigotry, bloodshed, injustice, and ignorance.

"Even as we grieve, we must hold tight to the belief that those who kill and terrorize and hate will not prevail, and that it will be the values that mark our community - non-violence, reason, a commitment to diversity, and respect for the individual - that will triumph."


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John Beckman
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