Online conference features leading criminal justice professionals to discuss human impact of crime and incarceration – and new approaches

Speaker and audience
At the 2016 "Justice" conference [Photo by Silver School].

The Silver School of Social Work at New York University will present an academic conference April 7 & 8 focusing on collective action toward necessary change and new approaches in criminal justice. The conference, “Re-Imagine Justice,” brings together leading criminal justice professionals across the country and state for a nationally and locally centered discussion on the human impact of crime and incarceration – including new approaches to juvenile and young adult offenders, pretrial justice, incarceration, and re-entry.

Among other things, the live, online gathering will discuss the steps needed to address prison reform, COVID-19’s impact on prisons and jails, and cannabis laws, all with a lens on reparation, and personal experiences of the carceral system, shared by those directly affected. Special attention will be given to ongoing questions of closing Rikers, trans rights, and abolition. The conference is Thursday and Friday, April 7-8, from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (ET). Advance registration is required. Attendance is free for all students and anyone who has been affected by incarceration, while contributions are requested from all others.

A complete list of speakers is available and in part includes: Robert Kent, general counsel with the Office of National Drug Policy; Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, human rights and mental health advocate and artist Mr. Five Mualimm-ak; Manhattan D.A. Academic executive director Luis Morales; Mimi Kim,  founder of Creative Interventions and a co-founder of INCITE! ; and Silver School clinical assistant professor Dr. Kirk “Jae” James (DSW, MSW, BA, AA).

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