What if your next Zoom meeting was moved to the metaverse? Or robots rescued survivors after the next hurricane? Researchers at NYU WIRELESS explore these possibilities and more


With 5G rolling out across the globe, the future of 6G is already being debated and shaped. But what exactly is 6G? And what does the “G” really mean?? In this episode, you’ll get the answers to those burning questions. And we show you how researchers at NYU WIRELESS are exploring the possibilities of advanced wireless for applications that could help the visually impaired navigate the world, allow robots to provide disaster response, and maybe even move your online meetings to the metaverse.


NYU WIRELESS provides next-generation research to help the development of 6G and beyond

NYU Machines in Motion Laboratory

Research focus on creating autonomous robots that can efficiently adapt to an unknown and changing environment

NYU Robotics Research
Wearable Tech

High-tech tools offer promise for patients with visual or sensorimotor impairments

Wearable Tech Research