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“We are still gathering all the facts, but at this point, based on initial information, we can say that around 3 p.m. there was a shooting incident in MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, which is home to our School of Engineering. Our understanding is that the shooting was the result of a dispute that originated elsewhere in the vicinity.

“A male bystander, an NYU student who was standing outside in the MetroTech plaza, was injured by a stray bullet or a ricochet. After being injured, the individual proceeded into one of our buildings, where he was promptly attended to by emergency responders and taken to the hospital. Our understanding is that the injuries were not life threatening, and the individual did not lose consciousness. The police have declared the area 'clear,' and NYU community members in the MetroTech area are able to resume normal activities.

“We are deeply concerned about the well-being of the injured student; the thoughts of the NYU community are with him, as our profound wishes that his injuries are not too serious and his recovery will be swift. The University is sending personnel to the hospital to offer support and has been in touch with the student’s family.

“The University is also concerned about the occurrence of a shooting so near one of our buildings. We will be talking with city law enforcement authorities about the episode and what can be done to enhance safety in the area.”

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