Initiative also publishes its 16th policy proposal to the next mayor and City Council on moving the city beyond the pandemic era.

New York City skyline
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The recently launched NYC 2025 initiative sponsored by New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service will convene two public discussions in the coming weeks on how the next mayor and City Council can lead New York City most effectively toward becoming a stronger, fairer, and more equitable and racially just city than it was before COVID-19.

With a mayor-elect waiting in the wings, NYC 2025 brings together experts from different issue areas to hold an ongoing conversation about a range of public policy issues. On Wednesday, Nov. 17, the NYC 2025 Road to Recovery, together with the Association for a Better New York (ABNY), convenes a timely public forum on key issues vital to a robust recovery. Registration is now open.

An additional discussion in the series will be held with the Union Theological Seminary on Wed., Dec. 8. (Join the NYC 2025 mailing list, and save the date.)

The NYC 2025 initiative publishes thoughtful, forward-thinking proposals laying out a practical path for the next Mayor and City Council to follow to ensure a more inclusive post-pandemic recovery for all.  The 16th and latest paper, released today, is “Fiscal, Managerial, and Policy Priorities for Recovery, Stability, and Prosperity,” by Ana Champeny and Andrew S. Rein. It was co-published with New York City Citizens Budget Commission.

The papers’ topics range from mayoral power to healthcare to housing and are available at, with still more to follow.

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