Do you know what energy-saving machine is hidden in the basement of the 370 Jay? And how many acres of cultivated green space can you find across the Washington Square campus? In this episode of our trivia game show, we challenge students from the NYU Makerspace Sustainability Team to answer three trivia questions about the surprising ways NYU is protecting the planet. Play along and see how many you can get right!


Featured Students

  • Angy Lara (Tandon ’23)
  • Jade Sommers (Tandon ’21)
  • Marty Pollard (Tandon ’21)
  • Carlos Martinez-Mejia (CAS ’22)


Pop Quiz Team

  • Host/Producer/Editor: Sapna Parikh
  • Supervising Producer: Jason Hollander
  • Earth Logo Design: Camila Saavedra Lozano (Tandon ’21)
  • Special thanks to the NYU Office of Sustainability (Cecil Scheib, Sophie Golomb, Dianne Anderson) 
  • Shoutout to NYU Grounds Manager George Reis & Professor David Holland