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"It is impossible not to feel appalled and heartsick at the recent string of anti-Semitic attacks that have taken place around the world, including in NYU’s historic home, New York City. The NYU community unequivocally denounces these acts of hate—they have no justification and deserve nothing but our collective condemnation.

"NYU has long been home to a vibrant Jewish community, whose presence we welcome and deeply value. As accounts emerge of attacks on synagogues or on Jewish people walking down a street, evoking the worst kind of historical association, the apprehension of our Jewish community is understandable.

"In the face of this, we want our Jewish peers, colleagues, and friends to know that they are supported by the NYU community, that they are valued and respected here, that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and that we will not cease to do our best to ensure that this is an environment where they can feel safe and welcome.

"To those in our community: If you witness anti-Semitic acts or any other acts of hatred, violence, or bias, please report it immediately."

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John Beckman
John Beckman
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